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Jet Setter


You're a Jet Setter!

Your taste for international cultures makes you the most ambitious of digital nomads. You're always up for a new adventure whether it's off the beaten path or in a busy cultural center. You thrive in the change travel brings and seek out new experiences and new accomodations everywhere you go.

You may find yourself staying in hotels, campgrounds, and everything in between as you road trip your way across country by country. Whether you're camping or living large in a luxury hotel, it's all about experiencing the best of the local environment. Because you have a normal vehicle you can get to any amazing off-the-beaten-path spot, bring a pet, and easily have visitors join you for portions of your trip!

As a road tripper, the one thing you need to be cautious about is burn out. If you move too quickly from place to place or prioritize cost over comfort too often you'll find yourself quickly tired of road life. The best way to road trip is SLOWLY, so you spend more time enjoying each place you visit and less time behind the wheel.

Luckily, road trippers like you have a lot of flexibility. It's always an option to book an Airbnb for a few weeks to relax and recharge before driving off to your next destination. With all the rented spaces available these days, you can always find something at the right price.

QUICK CHECK: Does this sound like you? If you're thinking nooo thank you, then head over here and check out the other results. Forgive us but this quiz isn't magic so the perfect fit doesn't always appear.

Road trippers, your adventurous attitude and adaptability are some of your best assets in business as well as nomad life. In the entrepreneurial space, you're the innovators and disruptors of the world. Living a nomadic lifestyle gives you the opportunity to focus your work efforts towards that BIG impact idea you've always wanted to bring to fruition. For you the hardest part is staying in your lane and avoiding distractions. If you're careful to stay on task, you're less likely to crash and more likely to make it to that dreamy destination.

Climb on into that driver's seat and we'll share the perfect roadmap for your nomad journey (your destination is closer than you think).



01. Your sense of adventure
02. An epic road trip playlist
03. Unlimited phone data
04. All weather tires


Meet your Nomad Guides:

We’re Brent & Jo.

We’re a pair of digital nomads who are passionate about teaching other dreamers how to start businesses that allow them to maintain a fully mobile lifestyle. We love helping other nomads around the world and we do it all from our little trailer while we travel the United States with our cat, Nine.

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Your Adventure Soundtrack

Here are some of our favorite flight tunes for you to jam to while you plan your big adventure or wait for takeoff. Turn up the music and sing along, we bet you can’t resist!

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If there’s just one thing you do, make it this:


Focus your travel and business around one simple impact you want to make on the world. If you stick to one purpose - you can make miracles.



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