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Van Lifer
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You're a Van Lifer!

Your grit and determination make you the most rugged of digital nomads. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty, whether you’re climbing up a rock wall or building out the interior of your rig. You thrive in the solitude of nature and seek off-the-beaten-path places wherever you go.

Your adventure doesn’t start when you hit the road but much earlier when you first pick out your vehicle and start to build. Compared to other digital nomads, you have a rare opportunity to customize your travel home so you’re most comfortable. Pro tip: if you aren't into roughing it - bus life is your best friend!

As a van lifer, the one thing you need to be cautious about is fatigue. If you spend too much time in tight quarters or driving you can overextend yourself and burn out, or worse, drive a travel partner crazy. Living in a converted vehicle means a lot of work and occasional discomfort so taking time to decompress and pamper yourself is essential.

Luckily, van lifers like you have a lot of flexibility. It's always an option to visit a friend or book an Airbnb for a few weeks to recharge before driving off to your next destination.

QUICK CHECK: Does this sound like you? If you're thinking nooo thank you, then head over here and check out the other results. Forgive us but this quiz isn't magic so the perfect fit doesn't always appear.

Van and bus lifers, your DIY mentality and imagination are some of your best assets in business as well as nomad life. The road gives you the freedom to pursue your passion projects. In the entrepreneurial space, you're the creatives. Tthe hardest part of business for you is the business itself. The artistic part comes easy but if you study hard and ask for help when you need it you'll be tackling the numbers like a pro in no time.

Grab your tools and we'll share the perfect blueprint for your nomad journey (your destination is closer than you think).



01. Your sense of adventure
02. An epic road trip playlist
03. Unlimited phone data
04. A solar panel


Meet your Nomad Guides:

We’re Brent & Jo.

We’re a pair of digital nomads who are passionate about teaching other dreamers how to start businesses that allow them to maintain a fully mobile lifestyle. We love helping other nomads around the world and we do it all from our little trailer while we travel the United States with our cat, Nine.

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Your Adventure Soundtrack

Here are some of our favorite road tunes for you to jam to while you build your dream rig or hit the highway. Turn up the music and sing along, we bet you can’t resist!

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If there’s just one thing you do, make it this:


Focus your travel and business around that passion project you've been putting off for years. It's time to take risks and watch them pay off!



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